Herbal Oxygen Eye Cream

Herbal Oxygen Eye Cream





  • Description

    Utilizing the most precious Chinese herbal medicine compounds, this eye cream can deeply penetrate the skin around the eyes to activate skin cell reproduction. Ginseng and silk protein, can improve skin elasticity around the eyes, smooth fine lines around the eyes, reducing crow's feet and wrinkles. Angelica and pseudo-ginseng promote blood circulation around the eyes, preventing dark circles, and effectively improving swelling to leave your eyes looking bright and awake.

  • How To Use

    Apply a pearl size amount gently around entire eye area. Massage it around the eyes gently until fully absorbed. 

  • 產品介紹

    採用宮廷珍貴中草複方,能深層滲透眼周肌膚,激活新陳代謝。當歸、田七促進血液循 環及促進眼周的淋巴的流順,顯著淡褪黑眼圈,有效地改善浮腫,喚醒疲倦眼簾,令雙 眼明亮有神。人蔘、蠶絲蛋白,能提高眼周肌膚彈性,撫平眼部細紋,減少魚尾紋及皺紋。恢復眼周肌膚的彈力與活力,使雙眼明亮有神。

  • 使用方法

    取出珍珠般大少份量,分別點於眼部上下方位置,用無名指尖輕輕按摩眼部四周,由內至外打圈方式按 至完全吸收即可。