Herbal Hydro Night Cream

Herbal Hydro Night Cream




  • Description

    More than 35 kinds of efficacious natural repair ingredients, including the king of herbs called ginseng. Polygonum and lavender perform repair functions at night, calming the skin, reversing injuries sustained during the day from pressure, pollution and UV, etc. Angelico and vitamin E, replenish the important nutrients consumed and lost during the day. Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf, Aloe vera, Sericin, Hyaluronic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba act synergistically to solve skin issues caused by dehydration resulting in wrinkles. Promoting skin metabolism and collagen growth, evening primrose and beeswax moisturize skin, repelling flabbiness and fine lines. Overnight, this cream rebuilds skin elasticity, restoring the shine and firmness, so that the skin will have a new look each morning.

  • How To Use

    Apply a small amount smoothed evenly on face and neck at night.

  • 產品介紹

    超過35種天然具修護功效成份,百草之王之稱人蔘,何首烏、薰衣草能在夜間進行修復, 鎮靜皮膚,有助因日間所受的壓力、污染、紫外線等引致的傷害,當歸、維生素E補充日 間流失的重要營養素。蓮葉、蘆薈、蠶絲蛋白、透明質酸、銀杏解決肌膚導致缺水,出現皺紋的問題。促進肌膚新陳代謝和骨膠原生長,月見草、蜂蠟滋潤保濕,擊退鬆弛及 細紋。一夜之間,重建肌膚彈性、使之光澤及緊緻,令肌膚早上煥然一新。

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