Herbal UV Block SPF 50+ PA++

Herbal UV Block SPF 50+ PA++




  • Description

    This natural herbal physical sunblock formula provides a comprehensive UV protection with hydrating and anti-ageing effects. It effectively forms a protective layer blocking the UVA and UVB rays and helps to resist free radical damage. Camellia sinensis seed oil and evening primrose oil prevent loss of skin elasticity caused by UV exposure. They also defend the skin against ageing and the formation of wrinkles because of sun damage. Lactose and aloe vera penetrate deeply into the endodermis, thereby reducing dehydration and roughness caused by sun exposure.

  • How To Use

    Use during the day time, spread evenly on face and neck. Reapply at noon if possible. For best results, apply 15 minutes before exposing to the sun. Can be used as a makeup base, to provide a more even and long-lasting effect.

  • 產品介紹

    集合三大在日間保護肌膚功效,補濕、抗衰老及防UV修護的功能。天然草本物理防曬 配方,為肌膚形成保護層,有效阻擋UVAUVB紫外線,有助抵禦游離基侵害。茶籽 油、月見草能預防紫外線導致肌膚彈性下降,防禦陽光造成的皺紋及衰老。乳糖、蘆薈 深入滲透到肌膚底層,減少皮膚因日曬引起乾燥缺水,有效改善肌膚粗糙得問題,由內 至外達到全面保護。

  • 使用方法

    日間使用,取出適當份量,均勻地塗於面及頸部。建議中午時重複塗上。外出前15分鐘使用效果更佳。 可作妝前隔離底霜用,使妝容更持久貼服