Herbal Hydro Cream

Herbal Hydro Cream



  • Description

    This Herbal Hydro Cream is formulated with many herbs and natural ingredients with many skin benefits. Pure natural shea butter from Ghanaand hyaluronic acid effectively moisturize with high moisture retention for the skin and soothe sensitive skin. All natural herbal ingredients such as aloe vera and grapeseed act in the dual functions of water replenishment as well as moisturisation. Ginkgo, licorice, and sweet almonds, nourish the skin resulting in reduced fine lines, dry lines, and smoothed skin roughness. Penetration and oil control moisturizing technology ensure the active herbal ingredients functions are delivered to the innermost layer of the skin without clogging pores. Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf and Scutellaria baicalensis prevent acne formation. The strong dual functions of moisturisation and oil control, effectively lock-in moisture for the whole day.

  • How To Use

    Apply a small amount, smooth evenly on face and neck.

  • 產品介紹

    來自迦納純天然乳木果提煉出優質的乳木果脂,配合透明質酸具理想的儲水能力,減少 肌膚水分流失,舒緩敏感。全天然草本成份蘆薈、葡萄籽等全面發揮雙重鎖水及補水功 效。銀杏、甘草、甜杏仁等多種天然成份,滋養肌膚,有效減退幼紋、乾紋,改善粗糙、 有效舒緩敏感膚質。滲透及控油保濕技術有效將草本功能帶到皮膚底層,不造成阻塞毛孔,蓮葉及黃芩預防暗瘡及粉刺形成。強效保濕控油,有效鎖緊水份,使保濕效果維持 一整天

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