Herbal Hydro Whitening Mask

Herbal Hydro Whitening Mask




  • Description

    An ancient Chinese formulation combined with state of the art skin penetration technology, the whitening serum rapidly penetrates the basal layer of the skin, breaking up melanin and whitens the skin instantly withoutusing any heavy metals. Chinese medicinal herbs including Panax Notoginseng Root, angelica and ginkgo leaf combined with grapefruit extract not only reduces dark spots and improves skin tone, but also relieves pigmentation, promotes blood circulation and restores the beautiful natural skin tone. Natural moisturizers, lactose and yeast essence hydrates and whitens, aloe vera effectively soothes skin, leaving the skin supple and bright.

    The nano bio cellulose mask acts like a second skin, achieving maximum absorption of active ingredients while locking in moisture. Leaving the skin whiter and brighter instantly.

  • How To Use

    Unfold the three-layered mask and remove the white protective sheet. Place the soft bio-cellulose mask firmly face to own face, fix it then remove the semi-transparent cover. Place it onto face evenly, then remove the mask after 30 minutes. Gently massage any remaining serum over the face for absorption. No need to rinse your face after use. Recommended to use the firming blueberry firming mask before use this mask. The skin will have obviously whitening effect immediately.


  • 產品介紹

    源於古代漢方配合高滲透技術,美白精華迅速滲透肌底層,深入打散黑色素,能使肌膚瞬間淨白。不含重金屬同樣達到美白效果,漢方草本田七、當歸、銀杏葉等結合葡萄柚精華、熊果素, 重點擊退色斑,去除暗啞黃氣,改善色素沉澱;活血,讓肌膚促進血液循環,膚色自然變得更 均勻透亮。乳糖及蘆薈成為保濕分子,美白同時令肌膚充滿水份,甘草有效幫助舒緩肌膚,令肌膚即時水嫩有光澤。 採用納米級生物纖維面膜緊貼皮膚,讓美白成分全面直達皮膚深層,高效吸收,鎖住水份,使皮膚即時白淨透亮。

  • 使用方法

    打開三層面膜,先將第一層珍珠保護隔膜撕開。將中間一層透明狀的生物纖維面膜層向內,固定面膜後,將第三層網 狀層摘下。調整面膜均勻貼於面部,約30分鐘後卸下面膜。將面部剩餘精華按摩至完全吸收,毋需沖洗。擁有即 時美白效果,建議使用前配合藍莓緊緻面膜,肌膚即時明顯變得白淨透亮、光滑細緻。