Ginseng Intensive Oxygen Power Cream

Ginseng Intensive Oxygen Power Cream


人蔘再生乳霜 (人蔘高效修護乳霜)


  • Description

    Ginseng Intensive Oxygen Power Cream contains more than 60 kinds of precious natural herbal ingredients, using the best ginseng and angelica, along with other herbs to help accelerate skin regeneration with high-tech infiltration technology. Every drop of precious nutrient can be quickly absorbed. The cream fully stimulates skin regeneration and repair function, and for the skin to build up protective barriers simultaneously. As a result, skin regains elasticity, skin aging is delayed, wrinkles reduced and skin tone evened out, discovering, a younger looking you. Clinical studies confirm that after four weeks of use, the effective average reduction in wrinkles is almost 80%.

  • How to Use

    Apply a small amount, smooth evenly on cleansed face and neck. Used morning and night for dry and aging skin.

  • 產品介紹

    人蔘再生乳霜蘊含超過60種珍貴天然本草成份,當中包括百草之王人參及當歸等,有助 新陳代謝加速,配合高科技滲透技術,使每一滴的珍貴營養都能妥善吸收。全面激發肌 膚再生修復功能,為肌膚築起保護屏障同時啟動細胞更生系統。為肌膚重新注入活力, 延緩肌膚衰老,減退色斑和皺紋,修復暗啞鬆弛現象,更可提升肌膚緊緻及彈性,重獲幼嫩肌膚重生的功效。臨床研究證實:於使用四星期後,有效平均減少皺紋達接近80%

  • 使用方法