Ginseng Intensive Hydro Serum

Ginseng Intensive Hydro Serum


人蔘保濕精華 (高效)


  • Description

    Panax ginseng known as “king of all herbs”, Angelica, pseudo-ginseng along with other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 work together with advanced skin penetration technology to strengthen the skin cells ability to naturally retain moisture. Other herbs such as cactus and aloe essence, help skin replenish water immediately, smooth fine lines, and restore firmness to the face. Witch Hazel and Houttuynia Cordata contain deep moisturizing properties that soothe after-sun redness, peeling, itching, and acne inflammation. This Hydro Serum includes ginkgo, which has high antioxidant content to promote the growth of collagen for the skin to restore skin elasticity flexibility leaving the skin soft, supple, reducing signs of aging, while allowing the skin to become moist and glowing. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • How To Use

    Apply a small amount, smooth evenly on face and neck. Massage it to fully absorb with sufficient amount, then clap gently it around the eyes.

  • 產品介紹

    百藥之王稱譽的人蔘、當歸、田七等成分,透明質酸、維生素B5加先進的滲透技術,能強化肌膚每一個細胞的鎖水能力,啓動肌膚製造天然保濕因子輸送至肌膚底層,改善 歲月痕跡而致的乾燥,老化的問題,肌膚變得水潤光澤。蘊含仙人掌、蘆薈精華,令肌膚立即補充水份,有助撫平細紋,提升緊緻度。金鏤梅、魚腥草深層保濕,舒緩曬後紅腫、脫皮痕癢、有助舒緩暗瘡發炎和敏感。銀杏有抗氧化和促進骨膠原生長等功效,使皮膚回復彈性,重現柔潤水嫩。

  • 使用方法

    取出適當份量精華液,均勻塗於面及頸部位置,以由外至內的手法按摩至全面吸收,份量要足夠,同時 輕輕拍眼部周圍,使雙眸同時受惠。