Intensive Herbal Oxygen Eye Cream 15ml

Intensive Herbal Oxygen Eye Cream 15ml

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Utilizing the most precious Chinese herbal medicine compounds, this eye cream can deeply penetrate the skin around the eyes to activate skin cell reproduction. Ginseng and silk protein, can improve skin elasticity around the eyes, smooth fine lines around the eyes, reducing crow's feet and wrinkles. Angelica and pseudo-ginseng promote blood circulation around the eyes, preventing dark circles, and effectively improving swelling to leave your eyes looking bright and awake.

Main Ingredients

Grape Seed Oil · Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil · Grapefriut · Aloe Vera · Evening Primrose Oil · Angelica · Ginkgo Biloba · Witch Hazel · Panax ginseng · Sericin · Shea Butte · Panax Notoginseng Root · Poria Cocos · Hyaluronic Acid ·  Lactose · Houttuynia Cordata · Soy Isoflavones · Corydalis · Chrysanthemum morifolium · Licorice · Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf


Apply a pearl size amount gently around entire eye area. Using the second last fingertips to massage it around the eyes gently from inside out until fully absorbed.