Ginseng Intensive Hydro Serum 50ml

Ginseng Intensive Hydro Serum 50ml

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Panax ginseng known as “king of all herbs”, Angelica, pseudo-ginseng along with other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 work together with advanced skin penetration technology to strengthen the skin cells ability to naturally retain moisture. Other herbs such as cactus and aloe essence, help skin replenish water immediately, smooth fine lines, and restore firmness to the face. Witch Hazel and Houttuynia Cordata contain deep moisturizing properties that soothe after-sun redness, peeling, itching, and acne inflammation. This Hydro Serum includes ginkgo, which has high antioxidant content to promote the growth of collagen for the skin to restore skin elasticity flexibility leaving the skin soft, supple, reducing signs of aging, while allowing the skin to become moist and glowing. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Main Ingredients

Panax ginseng · Witch Hazel · Aloe Vera · Rosemary · Cucumber · Panax Notoginseng Root · Ginkgo Biloba · Angelica · Hyaluronic Acid · Cactus · Grapefriut Seed · Panax Ginseng Leaf · Houttuynia Cordata · Lactose ·  Sericin · Scutellaria baicalensis · 


Apply a small amount, smooth evenly on face and neck. Massage it from outside to inside to fully absorb with sufficient amount, then clap it around the eyes.